Travel to Romania: A First-timers Guide

on 18th December, 2019
< 1 minute read

Romania is the home of medieval treasures, great hiking trails, and plenty of other natural and historic wonders. Pasqualina Perone shares her tips on travel to Romania.

Romanian Currency – A Brief Cost Guide

The only currency used is the Romanian leu. Despite being a European country, euros are not accepted anywhere in Romania.

  • Set aside approximately 10 – 30 RON per day for attractions.
  • On average 50 – 60 RON for a dorm bed, or 120 RON for a room in a modest hotel.
  • Between 40 – 80 RON a day for food, depending on your appetite.

If you’re into luxury accommodation and expensive meals, these costs will be higher!

Tipping in Romania

Tipping is expected as Romanian waiters are paid a very low wage, so be sure to also factor this in when drawing up your budget.