Travel to Moldova Republic: A First-timers Guide

on 18th February, 2020
< 1 minute read

As one of Europe’s least visited countries, Moldova retains a measure of roads-less-travelled charm. But that’s changing quickly as budget flights from Western Europe take off.

Moldovian Currency – A Brief Cost Guide

The only currency used is the Moldovian leu (MDL).

Budget: Less than €50

  • Dorm bed: €5–10
  • Double room in a budget hotel: €20–30
  • Placinta (stuffed pastries): €2.50
  • Admission to museums: €0.50–1

Midrange: €50–120

  • Double room in a hotel: €50–70
  • Lunch and dinner in local restaurants: €20
  • Local winery tour €20–50
  • Top End: More than €120

Top End: More than €120

  • Double room in a hotel: €80–140
  • Lunch and dinner in upscale restaurants: €40–80
  • Boutique winery tour: €100–200

Tipping in Moldova

Restaurants A small tip of 5% to 10% is appropriate; service charges are usually not included in the bill. Taxis Taxi drivers will gladly accept tips but they are not expected.