Davidescu Domains Sweetness in every drop

Sited in the Southern region of Moldova, in the UNESCO protected natural heritage known as the Lower Prut Natural Reserve, stands the Davidescu Winery in Chioselia Mare which has been in business for over 20 years now.  

Owned by the Davidescu family, Illie Davidescu was very passionate about producing wine on his 18 hectares of land. His magical art of winemaking served the family for many years and there is no single one in that province who wasn’t a fan of his organically produced wines. His son, Vladimir Davidescu took over the family business afterward, keeping the legacy intact for several years to come. 

Davidescu Winery has expanded over 1000 hectares of land over the years and has more than 300 French barrels made of oak for the purposes of maturation. Apart from French oak, Frenesit, Nadalie, Seguin Moreau, and Mercier barrels are also used which helps to change the texture of the wine with velvety tannins. Vladimir’s children Elena and Adrian have been carrying forward the family business for quite some time now and they have expanded the winery outside the borders of Moldova. 

There are almost 500 employees working in the Davidescu Winery right now, which was once a small family business looked after by Illie. The grapes are harvested and hand-picked by the in-house workers and recently, the company has also started trading in international waters with countries like China, Germany, Belarus, the USA, and Japan. 

Some of the exquisite wine bottles produced by Davidescu Winery are Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, Rkatsiteli, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Saperavi, and Muscat Otonnel. Common native varieties of wine like White Fetească and Black Fetească are also produced which taste just as intense and wonderful as the other bottles.

Overall, the Davidescu Winery is home to wines of different tastes, texture, and flavor, owing to the Traian Valley’s fertile soil and favorable conditions, the region in which it is situated. It is still heartwarming to know how much the locals still appreciate the delectable taste of the wines of Davidescu Winery, which were first made by Ilie to only share with his family, friends, and the locals. 

Their gigantic wine cellar is also open for tourists and wine enthusiasts for quite some time now and the beautiful sceneries along with the great wine are surely something to look forward to!

Davidescu Domains
Cahul, Slobozia Mare

Closest Airports to Davidescu Domains

Davidescu wines begin their story in the Traian Valley – a region with a protected geographical indication, located in the southern part of Moldova. These vineyards are distinguished by a favorable climate and the grapes are harvest manually – giving birth to the personality and quality of our wines. There, in the Lower Prut River – the area protected by UNESCO – the local and international varieties grow, and, combined harmoniously with the most advanced technologies, metamorphose into excellent wines.

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Driving direction to Davidescu Domains

Getting to Davidescu Domains is quite easy via Chisinau (Republic of Moldova), Bucharest (Romania) or Constanta (Romania) airports with short transfer times from all three airports. Transfer options include car hire, private transfer, public bus and train services directly to Davidescu Domains.

  • Drive from Chisinau Airport (KIV). Distance 215 km. 3 hour 18 mins drive.
  • Drive from Bucharest International Airport Otopeni - Henri Coandă, (OTP). Distance 258 km. 3 hour 59 mins drive.
  • Drive from Constanta Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport, (CND). Distance 212 km. 3 hour 12 mins drive

Adventures you
cannot miss

In a sunny area with a glittering beauty, in the south of Moldova and on the border with Romania, between the Prut river and the Danube river, there is the Davidescu Domains wine cellar. This area, protected by UNESCO – the Lower Prut River, hides treasures of extraordinary splendor.

Lacul Beleu

Take a motor boat ride on Lake Beleu, Slobozia Mare and catch swans, pelicans, egrets, roosters and other rare birds that come to feed in the scientific reserve “Lunca Prutului de Jos”.

Contact: + 373 68 383 000

Silvia Stirbet's Pension

Take a Moldavian lunch at Văleni – Mrs. Silvia Stirbet’s Pension (mayor of the village). You will find an amazing location of pitoarească, and in the yard there is also a very nice traditional museum.</p?

Contact: +373 79 017 151

Vera Caminschi’s house

Do you want to stay the night? Stay in Vera Caminschi’s boarding house and enjoy authentic dishes prepared on the spot. There is also a bread museum in the area.

Contact: +373 79 414 019

The famous Grandmother

Meet the famous grandmother who played the drums at 2005 Eurovision – Lidia Bejenaru and her husband – Dorel Bejenaru (drummer). This grandparents who are very welcoming will prepare a great music show for you!

Prices may change from time to time and we take no responsibility. For more details check https://domeniiledavidescu.ro/turism/.

Wine Tasting Tour

Wine Tasting Tour

Taste the best wines in the cellars where they’re made, admire vast vineyards, and learn about traditional winemaking processes on a wonderful day trip to the Purcari wine region.

Book a Tour Now

The visit takes about 1h 30 minutes and will be made with the sommelier, guide or oenologist Domains Davidescu.

Hours of visit: from 9:00 to 18:00.

Launch / Diner menu recommendations

Wine & Food Pairing Basics

Pairing food with a complementary wine makes it taste even more delicious. But is there more to it than matching white wines with fish and red wines with steak? Of course! Here are a few basic tips for matching meal courses with the perfect wine:

  • Pair intense wines with heavy dishes, such as beef and lamb
  • Pair lighter wines with light dishes, such as salad or chicken
  • Desserts pair well with sweet wines or dessert wines
  • Consider whether flavours are bitter, acidic, sweet, salty or spicy
  • Focus on sauces and cooking methods, not just the main ingredient.

You can either ‘complement’ or ‘contrast’ when pairing food and wine. For example, choose an earthy red wine to complement a rich mushroom dish, or contrast an acidic white wine with a creamy fish sauce. Neither the food nor the wine should overwhelm each other.

Davidescu Menu Recommendation
Winery visit and tasting of 3 wines (young wines). Nuts, plums, crackers, still water
12 €
Winery visit and tasting of 4 wines (young and aged wines). Nuts, plums, crackers, still water
18 €
Winery visit and tasting of 5 wines (young and aged). Nuts, plums, crackers, still water
20 €

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    Moldovian Currency – A Brief Cost Guide

    The only currency used is the Moldovian leu (MDL).

    Budget: Less than €50

    • Dorm bed: €5–10
    • Double room in a budget hotel: €20–30
    • Placinta (stuffed pastries): €2.50
    • Admission to museums: €0.50–1

    Midrange: €50–120

    • Double room in a hotel: €50–70
    • Lunch and dinner in local restaurants: €20
    • Local winery tour €20–50
    • Top End: More than €120

    Top End: More than €120

    • Double room in a hotel: €80–140
    • Lunch and dinner in upscale restaurants: €40–80
    • Boutique winery tour: €100–200

    Tipping in Moldova

    Restaurants A small tip of 5% to 10% is appropriate; service charges are usually not included in the bill. Taxis Taxi drivers will gladly accept tips but they are not expected.

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