Purcari Menu Recommendation

Omeron Travel
on 21st February, 2020
< 1 minute read

Pairing food with a complimentary wine makes it taste even more delicious. But is there more to it than matching white wines with fish and red wines with steak? Of course!
Here are a few basic tips for matching meal courses with the perfect wine:

  • Pair intense wines with heavy dishes, such as beef and lamb Pair lighter wines with light dishes, such as salad or chicken
  • Desserts pair well with sweet wines or dessert wines
  • Consider whether flavours are bitter, acidic, sweet, salty or spicy
  • Focus on sauces and cooking methods, not just the main ingredient

You can either “complement” or “contrast” when pairing food and wine. For example, choose an earthy red wine to complement a rich mushroom dish, or contrast an acidic white wine with a creamy fish sauce. Neither the food nor the wine should overwhelm each other.