Mimi Recommendation

on 31st March, 2021
2 minutes read

Homemade Pâté

A signature dish that is based on an old recipe from the family that own Castel Mimi. The pâté is made from chicken liver and is baked directly in the glass jar in which it is served. It has a unique taste that comes from a secret ingredient, known only to a handful of people. The pâté is served with homemade bread chips and sour pickles. We recommend this dish with a glass of Castel Mimi Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé.

Moldovan vineyard snails

This course is prepared with snails that are farmed in our vineyards, and for this reason they are considered to be the most delicious of all. The snails are served with a luxurious butter sauce, containing garlic and herbs that are harvested in Castel Mimi’s own garden. We recommend sprinkling the snails with lemon juice and soaking some bread in the butter sauce to fully enjoy this appetizer. The perfect accompaniment to this dish is a glass of fresh Castel Mimi Fetească Albă.

Babă Neagră

Babă neagră is the most famous and traditional Moldovan dessert and is usually prepared on the eve of important religious or family holidays. It is baked for 6 hours at low temperatures during which time the sugar caramelises and produces a rich brown colour and delicious taste. It is served with creme anglaise and plum and wine sauces. We recommend this dessert with a glass of Castel Mimi Ice Wine.

Coq au vin

Even though it has a French name, this dish is also based on an old family recipe. The rooster is fried on the pen until it gets deliciously browned. Before the meat goes into the oven, vegetables are added with white wine sauce. When the rooster is ready, it gets well-seasoned and drizzled in Castel Mimi red wine. We recommend this dish with a glass of Castel Mimi Rosu de Bulboaca matured for 12 months in French oak barrels or with Castel Mimi Malbec, matured for 18 months.

Wild salmon

“The White Owl” is the only restaurant in Moldova that serves wild salmon exclusively. It has a superior taste, different colour and is far healthier than farm-raised fish. It’s served with fresh pumpkin remoulade and mustard sous. It goes beautifully with a glass of Castel Mimi Sauvignon Blanc or Codru PGI Pinot Gris.

Our signature dessert

Wine is at the heart of Castel Mimi and that’s why we have created a dessert that is a celebration of wine. This signature dessert consists of wine ice cream, poached pear cooked in red wine, local dry plum braised in wine, and honey & wine jelly, all served in wine sauce. We recommend this dessert with a glass of Ice Wine.