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Omeron Travel
on 10th April, 2020
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The 3 criteria of wine tasting:
– Colour;
– Fragrance;
– Taste;

Must know about wine:
– the colour divulges part of the wine’s secrets: variety, age, matureness;
– lucidity of the colour and limpidity of the wine represent its health barometer;
– white wines acquire darker golden shades with the passing of time;
– in time, red wines change their colour by brightening up to red with tile-coloured shades;
– at least 70% of a wine’s qualities may be perceived through its fragrance;
– stirring the wine in the glass helps to emphasise its bouquet and to unfasten its taste;
– in order to perceive the full savour of a wine, retain it inside the mouth for a few seconds;
– the consistency of the wine, be it light, medium or full, feels as the consistency of skimmed to fat milk;
– the taste of a good wine is maintained long after swallowing – this is the highly yearned aftertaste.