Romanian Wine. A Bridge Over Time, History and Generations

There is a profound beauty in wine. It is a special bond. It's clarity, is emotion, is friendship, is an adventure, is poetry and philosophy, it's history. All in one bottle. With this first part of the book, we invite you to join us on a journey across Time, History and Generations of winemaking in Romania.

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Wine Trails in Romania

“Wine is bottled poetry” so said the Victorian poet and novelist Robert Louis Stevenson. Wine is many things to many people. It’s a place holder or a simply hedonistic pleasure.

For the love of wine

We love wine. We love wine culture, and we always love wine in the best company. From tasting evenings dedicated to wines from various renowned wine-growing areas in Romania, to day trips for visiting famous wineries or newly discovered vineyards, there is nothing about wine that you should try at least once.

Romania has one of the oldest wine making traditions in the world, its viticulture dating back more than 6000 years. Due to the hot dry summers, the location proved to be successful and the grape vineyards thrived. According to a legend, Dionysus, the Thracian god of wine, was born in what is now Romania, and Plato declared its vineyards to be the best in the world. The ancient Greek historian Herodotus, among others, clearly mentioned that the wine was made in the area north of the Danube. Its wines became so famous that in the first century B.C., king Burebista ordered that all the vineyards be destroyed to discourage possible invaders.


Best Ski Resorts in Austria

Ski holiday resorts are almost always immaculate and charming and Austria is the best place to be for après ski and undeniably the most beautiful slopes and views.

Whether skiing on trails with altitude, snowboard jumping from an helicopter, tearing downhill on a mountain on skis, the Austrian Alps will have you itching to get outdoors and these mountains certainly impress. Choose your base town wisely for an adventure of the highest order. Ski holiday resorts cling to almost every mountain west of Salzburg and the passion for skiing in Austria is unmatched anywhere.

More casual and laid-back than the glitzy resorts of France and Switzerland, Austria’s ski scene exudes an old-world charm, with trail and lift networks linking small Alpine villages surrounded by spectacular snow-covered peaks. From most of these cozy villages, you can ski all day without ever repeating a run, whatever your level of experience, for Austrian terrain ranges from some of the world’s steepest runs to gentle slopes and trails perfect for learners and youngsters.

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Dracula's Castle

Looking for something adventurous during Halloween? Count Dracula awaits you, here in Transylvania, to torture your mind with real legends, sagas, and myths. Witches and vampires will crawl the streets and hunt you. Come, book your flight and hotel room with us. They may not be hunted … or can they?

Though many myths have been connected to Vlad III in connection with the Dracula myth, most historians agree that Vlad III Dracula never set foot in Castle Bran. The castle was connected to Vlad III for a number of reasons. Castle Bran was neither a friendly place for Vlad III to visit, nor was it under his rule. His connection to the castle had long been one linked to his imprisonment after he was captured by the Hungarians in 1462. It was believed that he was imprisoned in Castle Bran, but historians now conclude that Vlad III was actually imprisoned in a fortress in Budapest. It is said by historians that Castle Bran was chosen to be the colloquial location of Vlad III’s imprisonment as it is a more haunting and dramatic looking structure than other castles of the region. Historians and scholars alike have concluded that Vlad III likely never set foot in the castle. However, as there is a lack of written historical accounts from the region at that time, the idea cannot be completely discredited.

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