Vitis Metamorfosis

Founded in the year 2008 by Marchesi Antinori, Fiorenzo Rista, and Halewood Romania, the Metamorfosis Winery falls among the list of the certified vineyards located in Southern Romania, renowned for growing their grapes organically. If you don’t already know, the Antinori family has been well-known for its wineries in Tuscany, a booming wine business legacy that has flourished for over 600 years. 

The first-class wines made by Metamorfosis Winery has often been considered as the ‘Romanian’ version of the finer quality wines made in Tuscany. While it may sound like an overstatement, it is a matter of fact that both of these regions have some of the best terroirs that are very suitable for grape cultivation. 

Not to mention, this is the very reason why Marquis Piero Antinori agreed to invest in the winemaking business in Romania. It was hard to get him on board until he saw the promising great terroirs of Dealu Mare vineyards, which had very similar conditions for grape farming like their vineyards in Tuscany. 

The Metamorfosis Winery has about 100 hectares of vineyard in Dealu Mare where they’ve planted a variety of grapes which include – Fetească Regală (Royal Maiden), Cabernet Sauvignon, Negru de Drăgășani, Fetească Neagră (Black Maiden), Merlot, Pinot Noir, Fetească Alba (White Maiden), Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, etc. With plans of expanding its vineyard in the near future, the winery has only been using natural fertilizers for agricultural purposes, therefore banning the use of harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

Metamorfosis Winery uses isolated plots for growing certain kind of grapes which complement the conditions of that plot, in order to produce only the best of that particular variety of wine. In a way, this helps them to ensure that the quality of the brand is always of premium quality. 

While the initial aim of the winery was to surpass the wines produced locally in terms of quality and taste, they’ve also emphasized a great deal on following sustainable methods of cultivation, as mentioned above. In 2013, Metamorfosis Winery achieved certification from Austria Bio Garantie for the very first 15 hectares of their vineyard, thus accomplishing a percentage of their primary objectives.  

The gigantic wine cellar of Metamorfosis Winery is situated in Vadu Sapat, Prahova County, which was deliberately chosen in order to make it closer to all the three wineries positioned in separate wine districts. This makes it fairly easy to transport the grapes while they’re still rich in complex flavors all throughout the harvesting period. 

The flush and exceptional flavors of the grapes are contained by maturing them in large yet small barrels made of oak to hold in small volumes, essential for the production of red wines. If you’ve been lucky enough to see the famous wineries of Antinori in Tuscany, the Metamorfosis Winery too should be a stop on your bucket list. 

Vadu Sapat, Prahova

Closest Airports to Metamorfosis Winery

Metamorfosis vineyards are part of the famous Dealu Mare region (located in the Southern Subcarpathians). The best lands were selected for the cultivation of Metamorphosis Vineyards, in order to fully express the diverse terroir of Dealu Mare Vineyard. The vineyards were planted on hillsides with smooth slopes and the grape varieties were strictly selected according to the characteristics of each plot. The winery of the company is located in Vadu Săpat comune, Prahova County.

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Driving direction to Metamorfosis Winery

Getting to Vitis Metamorfosis Vineyard is quite easy via Bucharest (OTP), Constanta (CND) or Sibiu (SBZ) airports with short transfer times from all three airports. Transfer options include car hire, private transfer, public bus and train services directly to the Budureasca domain. More information:

Vitis Metamorfosis
Wine tasting

The best sites were selected for the planting of Metamorfosis vineyards in order to fully express the diverse terroir of Dealu Mare. On each plot a strict selection of grape varieties are cultivated with the aim of obtaining the best wines of Dealu Mare region, South-East of Romania. The vineyards are planted on gently sloping hills reminiscent of Burgundy, even though the region is situated on the same parallel as other two famous wine regions of the world, Bordeaux and Piemonte.

Cantvs Primvs

  • Guided tour of the winery – available in Romanian and English
  • Tasting of 5 wine varieties (4 wines from the Viile Metamorfoză / Via Colțul Pietrei / Via Marchizului range and one wine from the Cantvs Primvs range)
  • Along with wines, small snacks are served (cheeses, canapés, …), water, etc.

Price: 70 RON* (VAT Included).

Viile Metamorfosis

  • Guided tour of the winery – available in Romanian and English
  • Tasting of 5 varieties of wine from the Viile Metamorfosis / Via Colțul Pietrei / Via Marchizului ranges
  • Along with wines are served small snacks (cheeses, canapés,…), water, etc.


Price: 50 RON* (VAT Included).

Wine tasting tour

Wine tasting tour

We invite you to discover Vitis Metamorfosis Wineries’ story, with a tradition of only 12 years but it already becomes one of the best wineries of Romania. This is a story you must experience in the company of friends and family.

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  • Sunday and legal holidays – closed

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For outside activities, we allow only 50 participants.

For custom packages, ask for the offer at the winery.

Optional services:

We can offer lunch only in the catering mode performed by an external partner – we do not have an authorized kitchen to prepare food in the cellar.

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Launch / Diner menu recommendations

Metamorfosis Menu Recommendation

Wine & Food Pairing Basics

Pairing food with a complimentary wine makes it taste even more delicious. But is there more to it than matching white wines with fish and red wines with steak? Of course!

Here are a few basic tips for matching meal courses with the perfect wine:
– Pair intense wines with heavy dishes, such as beef and lamb;
– Pair lighter wines with light dishes, such as salad or chicken;
– Desserts pair well with sweet wines or dessert wines;
– Consider whether flavours are bitter, acidic, sweet, salty or spicy;
– Focus on sauces and cooking methods, not just the main ingredient.

You can either ‘complement’ or ‘contrast’ when pairing food and wine. For example, choose an earthy red wine to complement a rich mushroom dish, or contrast an acidic white wine with a creamy fish sauce. Neither the food nor the wine should overwhelm each other.

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